How to Promote Handmade Jewelry

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Tips for Promoting Your Handcrafted Jewelry for Free

How to promote handmade jewelry

Together, let’s make a promise to make the next decade the best ever! Welcome, 2022 with newfound energy to promote your handmade jewelry business to an entirely new level! Handmade jewelry marketing does not have to be expensive to be effective. In fact, there are many ways to promote your handcrafted jewelry that does not cost anything!

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Here are 16 free ways to promote and market your handcrafted artisan jewelry that does not cost a thing, other than your time and effort. Some will be more effective than any paid advertising ever could be. The more effort you put in, the greater the results you should see, so try to incorporate as many of
these as possible:

1. Wear your own jewelry

One of the easiest and free ways to advertise your handmade jewelry is to wear it every day. People who admire your jewelry will often become customers. It is not uncommon for someone to ask if they can buy the same design as the jewelry you are wearing! Become a walking advertisement for your handmade jewelry. Be sure to always have your business cards with you to take advantage of the moment.

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2. Compliment other people on their jewelry

If you notice unique jewelry that someone else is wearing, compliment them on it! You do not have to do this with the idea in mind that you are going to sell to them. In fact, get in the habit of noticing what others are wearing and commenting on it, keeping in mind the style. This is a design that someone paid for and might help when creating your own handmade jewelry designs. Also, this will help you to develop conversational skills around jewelry through repeated practice, enabling you to sell more smoothly at your show booth or at a jewelry home party, where the conversations are about selling but should not seem that way.

3. Your voicemail

The message people get when you are not able to answer your phone is a powerful opportunity to market yourself. Do not just provide your name and a request to leave a message, but mention your company name, store, and website and suggest that the caller check out your blog, too! For example: “You’ve reached My Jewelry Studio. We’re sorry we’re not in right now, please leave a message after the tone and we’ll get right back to you. Also, visit us online at [your site] to check out our latest designs!”

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4. Your invoice

Your invoice is a great place for a marketing message or slogan. Including a marketing flyer of your new designs with your shipments is an excellent way to market your jewelry to existing customers. If you send invoices by e-mail as a PDF file, include a link to your website. People who buy from you already are your best customers so adding a quick personalized message to an existing invoice is a great way to tell those customers about upcoming shows, new lines, and more.

5. Your e-mail signature

A few simple lines of text that include your contact information, website, and social and blog links are all it takes to remind a customer that you are easily reached. Nearly all email programs let you easily create and change signatures.

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6. A personal thank you

Saying thank you not only makes an impression on the buyer, but it creates a relationship, that is another way how you can promote your handmade jewelry. These days we communicate through emails, websites, and text messages so sometimes it is hard to connect with other people on a human level. A personal note should go out with every single one of your orders. It is a free marketing strategy that pays off more than you could imagine.

7. Your Appearance

How you dress and groom when you are selling at live events says a tremendous amount to those who approach you. The first impression you make on a prospect is likely to be the one that sticks with them throughout their experience with you. Dress neatly and professionally when selling face to face. A clean appearance raises their confidence in the quality of your jewelry.

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8. Smile! A heartfelt

A warm smile is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Smiling warms up the interaction and makes the customer feel at ease. People buy from those with whom they feel comfortable.

9. Public Relations

There are many free press release platforms as well as local news outlets that let you publicize your handmade jewelry business. Start with something as simple as calling the style editors at the local newspapers published in your area to introduce yourself. This personal connection is important because it makes more of an impact than just sending an e-mail. Offer yourself as a resource for features about jewelry, and send them information about your handmade jewelry when you have something newsworthy to announce.

10. Rapid response to inquiries and orders

Your customers are likely to be busy people. The time they take out of their day to contact you about your handcrafted jewelry is precious to them! Although auto-responders are a good way to confirm the receipt of an email, it is very important to get back to customers as quickly as possible. Your ability to respond quickly to a question may mean the difference between making the sale or not. Respond as soon as you can. This is a free way to promote your handmade jewelry products.

11. Jewelry talks, seminars, and lectures

Giving a free talk about jewelry making, an aspect of jewelry history, jewelry care and related topics is an excellent way to get in front of an audience of potential customers. Public speaking also gives you a reason to send out press releases and provides an opportunity for you to connect with new people, an important skill for selling well.

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12. Photos of happy customers wearing your jewelry

Taking selfies or asking someone to take photos of you with smiling customers is another way how to promote your handmade jewelry. Pictures convey instantly that buying from you and connecting with you is an enjoyable experience.

13. Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are a powerful way to let prospects know what others think of you and instill confidence in your handmade jewelry.

14. Photography

One of the best ways to how to promote handmade jewelry is clear, well-framed shots of your jewelry are essential to effective marketing. You can read here about how to take photographs of handmade jewelry. With social media taking photos is a necessity to master. Also include photographs of people wearing your jewelry.

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15. The descriptions of your jewelry

The way you describe your jewelry online and on your story cards is essential. It tells the story beyond just the photo. Although they say a picture is worth a thousand words, you need to be as descriptive as possible. Expand those descriptions to include what is special about them and what inspired the piece. People like to know the stories behind the piece.

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16. Follow up

Following up after the sale reminds customers of the jewelry they bought from you and about your terrific service, helpful attitude, and smile, as well. It shows you care about them as a customer and appreciate their business.

Having many options is nice, but it can be confusing. In the case of these 16 techniques, you should use as many as you can. Try to schedule time every day to incorporate these ideas into your routine. Posting to social media will be better if you are more active and have time to grow your circle of influence. The more people you interact with will increase your handmade jewelry sales.