How to Sell Copper Jewelry

Tree Bark Textured Copper Bracelets

Copper Jewelry Marketing Strategies for Success

How to sell copper jewelry; the basic pillars of any marketing strategy: product, price, place, and promotion also known as the 4P’s. The concept seems simple, but it works and will make a huge difference in the long term. It sounds like common sense, but putting this theory into action takes time and research to effectively utilize it to its full advantage. Seriously, most copper jewelry artisans are more concerned with creating than marketing. With a little effort, you will be able to increase your sales and focus on driving more sales.

Best Ways to Sell Copper Jewelry

1- Product: Unique Copper Jewelry Design

The product is what your company sells or more specifically, copper jewelry. Implementing the 4 Ps strategy means understanding exactly what you need to offer in order to stand out from your competitors and win over customers. If your copper jewelry does not stand apart in the crowded market place it is going to be difficult to succeed. In other words, what makes your copper jewelry so great or unique? What thing stands out from everyone else?

Hammered Copper Bracelets
Handmade hammered copper bracelets with diamond cut

2- Price: Affordable Copper Jewelry Prices

Price is simply how much you charge for your handcrafted copper jewelry. Although it is simple to understand, it can be really hard to come up with the right price. The one that does not just drive the most amount of sales but also drives the most profit is the correct pricing. The affordable price of your copper jewelry is just as essential as your design is unique, for selling your copper jewelry.

How to Sell Copper Jewelry, Dangle Copper Maple Leaves Earrings
Dangle Copper maple leaves earrings hammered and diamond cut to sparkle

Please note that you should compare similar products in the same market niche. If you are selling to your end customer or wholesale handmade jewelry to gift stores will change the pricing structure. One-of-a-kind with rare materials will be at a premium price. To be able to sell to gift stores you need to be quickly able to make multiple pieces in order to make a profit so you may have to adjust your techniques and materials.

Hammered Copper Feather Earrings
Copper feather earrings textured by hammering

3- Place: Where to Sell Copper Jewelry

Marketing Copper Jewelry; The place is another word for location. As they say in marketing; location, location, location. You have to be in a location where your best customers are. Do not expect them to come to you, you have to go to them. How do you pick the right place in this virtual world of the internet? Although the location or place may seem irrelevant, it isn’t. You have to be where your customers will see you, so you need to know your ideal customer or target market and what websites they visit. Think of the platforms and places your ideal customers are and have a social presence there.

How to sell copper jewelry, textured copper earrings
Copper earrings with tree bark textures

4- Promotion: How to Promote Copper Jewelry

Best ways to sell copper jewelry; Once you have optimized for the previous 3 Ps, then it is time to promote your handmade copper jewelry and start making money. Start again with research about your competition. Use this information to your advantage and learn from their experience.

Adjustable Copper Rings Made by Hammered Texture
Copper rings with hammered texture and diamond cutting to sparkle


How to sell copper jewelry, there are 4 important strategies that you need to focus on to succeed in your copper jewelry business. The 4 Ps of copper jewelry marketing may seem basic, but they are essential to building a successful business. How you differentiate yourself from the competition is the most important factor. You need to stand out and create your own niche market. Everyone wants something unique and special that makes them feel as though it were created just for them.

Hammered Copper Bracelets
Hammered copper bracelets are adjustable and no polishing is required.

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