How to Start Selling Handcrafted Jewelry

How to start selling your handcrafted jewelry;

Do you want to start your own handmade jewelry business? Making handcrafted jewelry, handmade earrings and bracelets can be easier than learning how to sell, where to sell and at what price to sell your unique jewelry. Marketing, advertising and promoting your new company is an obstacle many cannot overcome. Many people give up when just starting out because of the frustration. There is a learning curve with any new venture, everything takes time and a lot of energy to become successful. Here are some easily accomplished steps to build your handmade jewelry business and put you on the road to success.

Create Unique Jewelry & Find Your Own Niche;

First of all, and most important, is to create truly unique jewelry. Finding your own niche, expressing your individual style and creativity is key to making your handcrafted jewelry business a success. To creating unique jewelry you could experiment with techniques and materials until you find the right combination that suits you. The most successful jewelry artisans have their own style that draws customers to them.

Handcrafted Hummingbird Earrings
Colorful Handmade Earrings Created in Exquisite Hummingbird & Flowers Design

Choose Your Target Market

Secondly, choose your target market. What age group does your handmade jewelry attract? This is a good pricing indicator. A younger age group will require lower prices while a middle age group is looking for more sophisticated looks and can afford a higher price range. Trial and error is sometimes the best method for pricing. Estimate how much a pair of handmade earrings or handmade bracelets cost you to actually make. Double the cost for your wholesale jewelry price and double that again for your retail price is the general rule. Look around at other handmade jewelry artists offering similar products to see if your price falls into the same range?

Colorful Handcrafted Hummingbird Bracelets
Hummingbird Bracelets Cut Out Gold & Copper Plated

To start selling handcrafted jewelry; Local craft shows are a great way to start in the handmade jewelry business. Check your Chamber of Commerce for an event schedule in your area. Talk with other crafters to find other craft shows and art festivals that they recommend. Slowly build a schedule of shows. Pay attention to what your customers are looking for and try to focus on their needs. Be nice to your customers. Most people might be really interested in knowing how you make your handmade jewelry designs. They want to know about the process. Let them know and if possible let them see you working on your designs if possible.

Flower Dangle Earrings Purple Background
Purple Background Flower Earrings

Build Your Customer Base

Start slowly with baby steps gradually building your customer base. Not every show will be a huge success but bit by bit you will learn all the things you need to know to make your handmade jewelry business a success.

Selling jewelry and online marketing for handmade jewelry artisans is growing quickly and it is easy to set up a free or relatively inexpensive website at many handcrafted sites. Building an online presence can take a lot of time and effort which will be worthwhile eventually. Do not depend on immediate sales as it takes time to become established online.

Dog Jewelry Boston Terrier Bracelet
Handmade Jewelry, Boston Terrier Bracelet

Not everyone can be an artist and a salesperson. Luckily there are many wholesale jewelry suppliers who specialize in handmade jewelry and handcrafted unique jewelry. Check out their websites and see if their wholesale products fall into the niche you have decided upon. Whether it is horse jewelry, cat jewelry, wildlife jewelry or Native American jewelry designs, you are sure to find wholesale jewelry suppliers who have the perfect handmade jewelry for your target market.