How to Increase Handmade Jewelry Sales at Craft Shows

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Best ways of increasing handmade jewelry sales at craft shows

Winter is almost over and artisans selling handmade jewelry are beginning to plan for the spring and summer arts and crafts shows. Here are some tips to increase your handmade jewelry sales at craft shows.

How to Increase Handmade Jewelry Sales

With over 35 years of experience selling handcrafted jewelry at craft fairs, there are many important marketing techniques that many people overlook. These are simple ways to increase your sales of handmade earrings and bracelets that are only learned from years of participating in shows. When displaying your handmade jewelry pay special attention to what catches the eye of your customers, where they enter the booth, and when they leave your booth. Use these clues to know which areas need improvement.

How to increase handmade jewelry sales at craft shows selling Native American earrings
SW Native American Earrings

The setup of your booth should be welcoming and open. Many exhibitors make the mistake of putting a table at the front of their booth. Try setting up tables in a u-shape so that people can come into your booth. Booth space is small so you must use every inch wisely.

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Always welcome people into your booth, being friendly and sincere will increase your sales. People come to craft shows to meet the artist so each unique handcrafted artisan jewelry has special meaning when they have talked to the artist.

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How to increase handmade jewelry sales at craft shows selling western jewelry, cowboy boots, and hat earrings

How to increase handmade jewelry sales at craft shows; To increase craft show sales, keep in mind that lighting is very important. Craft shows are known for poor lighting so you must use extra lights to make sure your booth stands out from the crowd. Well-placed lighting can make an incredible difference in your sales.

Group your items so people looking for certain designs will easily find the matching handmade unique bracelets and necklaces for the earrings they have chosen.

Make sure to have a mirror close at hand. Ladies love to hold up the handmade earrings close to their ears to see how they will look when worn.

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Handcrafted Native Eagle Bracelets

Along the same lines, wear your own handmade jewelry. People love to see what handmade earrings and bracelets look like when they wear them. Many times sales are made of the same items you are wearing at the craft show.

If there is a break in the traffic, have some work-ready. Nothing attracts people to your booth than seeing you making the handcrafted jewelry right there. Carry a box with some tools, and supplies as well as handmade earrings and handmade bracelets pieces. People who stop to watch will soon become customers.

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If you have a chance and set up a space for you to make your jewelry demonstrating your jewelry-making techniques will get their attention and attract them to your display. They will learn how much work goes into one piece of your jewelry and appreciate it more. When they wear your jewelry, they will tell their friends how you were making the jewelry. Your handmade jewelry will be a conversation starter piece.

This tip goes without saying but it is included only to be complete. Do not ever read a book or newspaper at a craft show. There is nothing worse or will make a customer run away faster than reading a book. Be courteous to your customers and answer all their questions politely. You can greet customers with a smile as they enter your booth. Explain how you make your jewelry without going into too much detail as a conversation starter. If they are interested they will ask you questions. Being friendly with your customers will help them shop comfortably.

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Every little detail counts when displaying handmade wire jewelry at craft shows. Have your handcrafted jewelry sales been less than you hoped? Try a few of these tips and see the dramatic effects small details can have on handcrafted jewelry and handmade gift sales.