Leather Bracelets Made from Real Leather Adorned with Copper Artwork

Leather bracelets made by hand from genuine cow leather decorated with handmade copper and colorful artwork. Browse through your favorite animal, wildlife and Native designs. We offer a full range of designs on hand crafted bracelets including horses, wolves, cats, butterflies, hummingbird and many more. Stylish and leather unique bracelet are available for retail and wholesale at very reasonable price.  Whether you prefer perfectly balanced earth tones copper, silver and black patina on these bracelets or you prefer the beauty and versatility of colorful coppe designs, you will be sure to find your favorite designs you are looking for. If you have been a lover of nature, wildlife and animals, you are definitely at the right place as you will love the huge selections we offer. You will be also impressed with stylish bracelets created in Native designs including Northwest Native and Southwest Native American. They will be the perfect accent to any outfit.

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