What to Look for in Handmade Jewelry

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How to Choose Best Handmade Jewelry

What to look for when buying handmade jewelry

What to look for in handmade jewelry; Please find tips for buying the best handmade jewelry. The next time you get the urge to buy handmade jewelry to your arsenal, you may be tempted to head to a prestigious Canadian jewelry store and pick something up. But handmade jewelry can also add a level of fun and sophistication, you may not have expected. Here are some things you should know about what to look for when buying handmade jewelry to make sure you are getting the real deal.

Copper bigfoot sasquatch earrings made from copper in colorful artwork
Lightweight handmade Sasquatch earrings made from copper in colorful alcohol ink artwork

Decide what style of earrings you would like to wear; studs or dangles. Some of the dangle earrings are made by casting and they could be too heavy to wear for a long time as they will hurt your ears. The most important criterion is that, obviously, to like the style of the jewelry, maybe you are looking for certain shapes or colors. Keep in mind that you will enjoy wearing your handmade jewelry if it is maintenance-free. Nobody would like a piece of jewelry if it is changing colors or breaking after wearing them for a while. Find out how long they have been making jewelry. Over time every jewelry-making artisan figures out the best ways to make his or her jewelry so they are of the finest quality. Making great quality handmade jewelry is the only way to survive in the handmade jewelry business.

Buy Flower Earrings Embellished with Copper Wire
Fine Quality Handcrafted Jewelry, Copper Wire Decorated Flower Earrings

1. Quality of Materials

What to look for in handmade jewelry when buying; Jewelry is available in a variety of colors and materials, so it may not be easy to spot the cheaper versions at first. However, once you stand back and really take a look at that necklace or bracelet you will soon be able to tell what quality is. Are the beads or other trinkets in the object thin and plastic? With accessories such as these, you cannot expect anything to last long. If you should so much as drop it or act carelessly with it, something will break. Quality materials will last longer, although this does not mean they are not delicate in their own way. They may sometimes be heavier and will look cleaner and polished.

Unique Cut out Buffalo Earrings in Native Artwork
Artisan Handmade Jewelry, Buffalo Earrings Made from Pure Copper with Best Quality Surgical Steel Ear Wires

2. Quality of Craftsmanship

What to look for in handmade jewelry when buying; When it comes to factory-made jewelry, there is no personality in how it comes together. What you look to see is probably what you get in the hundreds of thousands across the country. When you think of it in that way, it is hard to feel unique. People that put together handmade jewelry do so on a smaller scale. They take the time to make sure that each and every component is attractive and sturdy. You will have something that is one of a kind, and it will show.

Distinguished Bear and Colorado Aspen Tree Copper Earrings
Excellent Craftsmanship Quality Handmade Earrings Designed by Lynn Bean in Gorgeous Black Bear Artwork

3. The creativity of Handmade Jewelry Designs

What to look for in handmade jewelry; Jewelry made on a large scale – exposed only to machines and employees that are too stressed to put any real assurance of quality into the work – will not be very creative. They will be standard fare, made only to appeal to as many people as possible. The more people that like a particular design, the more that will be sold. When it comes to profits, why should creativity be a concern? Handmade jewelry, especially hair clips with a local market in mind, will carry more inventiveness. The creator will know the typical personalities and hobbies of locals and may use such knowledge in their design.

Hair Clips Handmade in Spectacular Feather Artwork
Hair clips handmade in original feather artwork

4. Origin of the Handmade Jewelry

Where did the handmade jewelry come from? In some cases, buying handmade jewelry made available to the public could originate from a great distance away, if not another country. If this is true, the creator of said jewelry may not be getting any of the profits. While you look around for your handmade unique jewelry USA, make sure you are shopping from a reputable dealer. You do not want to encourage illegal behavior, and you want to support the creator as best as you can. Use caution and do your research before making a purchase.

One other most important criteria are who made it and how long the company has been in business. If they have been established in business for a long time, that means they have a good quality product that is unique and affordable and they have done their business decisions right.

Diamond Shape Blue Flower Earrings
Blue flower earrings handcrafted from copper

Being established in the handmade jewelry business since 1985, Copper Reflections is a fine handcrafted jewelry supplier that has a reputation for great customer service, huge selections of handcrafted artisan jewelry in the latest fashion trends, and fast delivery. You will be pleased to know that our handmade jewelry and unique copper gifts do not require polishing as each piece has three layers of acrylic finish to protect them from tarnishing. Find collections of gorgeous handmade earrings designed in a wide array of colors in matching jewelry sets with bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

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