Why You Should Buy Handcrafted Jewelry

Gustav Klimt Tree of Life Bracelet BGK-09

Why Prefer Handcrafted Jewelry Over Mass Manufactured Jewelry

Reasons to buy handmade jewelry

Why prefer handcrafted jewelry; You will appreciate the quality & artisan effort. Handmade jewelry is more unique & original so get complimented on. Many people use handcrafted jewelry to help express their individuality and how they feel feeling on any given day. Some ladies love glitter and sparkle, gold and silver, bright colors like hot pink to make them the center of attraction where ever they go.

Squares with Concentric Circles Cuff Bracelets
Kandinsky’s Squares with Concentric Circles Bracelet

Others prefer simple, classic styles in subdued colors and earth tones that give an air of sophistication and elegance. Still, others choose to show their love of nature and their free spirit by selecting butterfly, hummingbird, or wolf jewelry. Whatever style of handcrafted jewelry you prefer you are sure to find the perfect handmade jewelry just for you.

Why you should buy handcrafted jewelry? There is a disturbing trend toward mass-produced, low-quality, generic jewelry, which still costs as much as real handcrafted jewelry without the character or charm of authentic handcrafted jewelry. There are times when you have purchased something online only to feel disappointed, and at times, even betrayed that the picture looked so much better than the actual piece you received.

Black Bear Bracelet with Beautiful Aspen Tree Leaves
Handcrafted Jewelry, Colorful Bear Bracelet

A friend purchased earrings from an internet jewelry website. They were silver hoops with gorgeous butterflies in the middle. Then she wore them to work and got several compliments, but then after a couple of hours noticed that one of the butterflies was missing. My friend contacted the company who had sold the earrings. The procedure was long and complicated to replace the butterfly jewelry earrings she has just given up.

Unique Butterfly Earrings
Butterfly Earrings in pastel colors

Why you should buy handcrafted jewelry? One day my friend went to a craft show and visited many handcrafted jewelry artisans there who make all their own handcrafted jewelry. Every one of them would stand behind their unique handcrafted jewelry, no paperwork required. She bought several handcrafted bracelets and handcrafted earrings which are all beautiful, unique jewelry pieces and still look as good as they did when she bought them. The moral of the story is simple, handcrafted jewelry from a real person is the way to go.

Love horses earrings handmade in heart shape
Handcrafted colorful love horses earrings created in a heart shape

Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewelry; Many of these same handmade jewelry artists had their own websites. Anytime and anywhere anyone can order the same beautiful handcrafted jewelry from real people, not huge corporations. Handcrafted jewelry artisans put their hearts and souls into each pair of handcrafted earrings and the handcrafted bracelets they create. Each piece of unique handcrafted jewelry is made by hand with love and patience, and with an appreciation for not only the handcrafted jewelry piece but also the person who is going to wear it and cherish it for a lifetime. Handcrafted artisan jewelry can and should bring people together.

Handmade Copper Lion Rings
Amazing Handmade Adjustable Lion Rings

Everyone should pay more attention to the jewelry they buy and wear. Each handmade jewelry piece should reflect and emphasize your personal style whether you prefer classic, flashy, or butterfly jewelry. Most importantly you should always feel special each and every time that you wear handcrafted artisan jewelry. Also, when you are wearing unique handcrafted earrings and handcrafted bracelets you will greater understand and appreciate the high quality and patient craftsmanship that handcrafted jewelry artisans put into their creations.

Squares with Concentric Circles Cuff Bracelets
Kandinsky’s Squares with Concentric Circles Bracelet

The compliments and enjoyment of people for the artisan jewelry pieces becomes the encouragement to create even better and more unique jewelry designs. Patterns, designs, and creativity become fundamental and timeless with individual creations.

Cut Out Copper Feather Bracelets
Copper feather bracelets by Copper Reflections

To make a handcrafted jewelry piece takes lots of designing, planning, skill, talent, and care. These essential elements are what make the artisans’ handcrafted jewelry different from the mass-produced ones. Unique handcrafted jewelry pieces become the reflection of the designers’ souls as these creations become the pride of life for the artisan.

Copper Adjustable Rings Handmade in Colorful Feather Artwork
Handcrafted jewelry for a perfect choice, Copper feather rings

When it comes to fashion everybody is looking for something unique. People do not want to wear outfits or jewelry that everyone else is wearing. This is in human nature. We all have different concepts, different ideas and we want to be unique. To show that we look for unique jewelry this is one of the main reasons why people prefer handmade jewelry over mass produced factory jewelries that all look the same.

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