Unique Chokers, Handmade Choker Necklaces

Unique chokers handmade by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections in wide collections of styles and themes. Our handmade choker necklaces are individually handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut to highlight the beautiful designs on these unique chokers. Wholesale chokers are available in wildlife, flower, western, Native American and animal themed designs. Horse, dragonfly, butterfly, hummingbird and wolf chokers are some of the best selling designs on our choker necklaces. If you are someone who likes handmade jewelry and appreciate the uniqueness, quality, artisanship and creativity, you are going to love the handmade chokers by Copper Reflections. You will be able to find several great pieces that will coordinate with all of the outfits that you wear. We design our handmade jewelry so all the handcrafted choker necklaces can be made into jewelry sets with earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches.

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Handmade Chokers

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Fashion Choker Necklaces

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