Arrowhead Native Stud Earrings


Add a touch of extraordinary elegance to your daily outfits with our handmade earrings studs are individually handcrafted, silver plated, and diamond cut with Southwest Native American jewelry cloud design. The arrival of rain clouds is a good sign for the farmers as it is an indication of falling rain. Proper rainfall means better crop production, which would bring prosperity to the farmers and the land. Hence, Native Americans associated rain clouds with good prospects.

Copper Reflections offers handmade jewelry that is both expensive-looking and budget-friendly – a rare combination you won’t find elsewhere. Perfect for any occasion, these earrings are a wonderful addition to your collection. Once you experience the elegance and charm of these earrings, you won’t be able to resist falling in love with them. Purchase now and let your style shine with these irresistible and stunning jewelry pieces.