Best 7 Handmade Jewelry Trends

Colorful Abstract Copper Feather Bracelets

Best Handmade Jewelry Trends

The best feature of handmade jewelry trends is the sheer diversity of styles and designs that are available. Whatever the occasion you are able to find the perfect accessory for every outfit, budget, and personality. Popular handmade jewelry trends are always in fashion with an emphasis on the expression of your personality and creative nature.

Colorful Horse Bracelet
Wild Horses Bracelet

1- Big and bold Jewelry

Big and bold is something to watch for this year. Eye-catching color, patterns, and textures that make you stand out in the crowd. Whether giant hoops or button earrings, this year the trends are making it impossible not to notice your stunning face. Chokers and chain-link necklaces are back with vibrant colors, bulky shapes and layering of lengths.

Starry Night Earrings
Van Gogh Starry Night Earrings

2- Simple and Plain Designs

Simple elegance has been popular for many years and will continue to as a wardrobe essential. Smaller sizes of handmade earrings in natural metals with minimalist emphasis on design, texture, color, and shape are perfect for working ladies. Layering and grouping of similar themes is a fashion trend that will maximize the impact of delicate designs. Although designers have shifted the trends toward larger styles, this dainty trend will continue to show strength.

Colorful Handmade SW Native Bracelets
Rainbow Colored SW Native Bracelets

3- Handmade Jewelry in Native and Tribal Designs

Native jewelry designs are trending again in 2020. Color and patterns with a Native American flair are always in fashion. Southwestern designs reflect a strong spiritual connection with nature. Northwest designs are dramatic with the emphasis on animal and totemic designs.

Copper Flower Bracelets
Flower Bracelets with Purple Color Background

4- Handmade Jewelry with Flower Designs

Flower jewelry of all shapes and sizes, delicate flowers, stylized or realistic floral designs on handmade earrings, bracelets and handcrafted necklaces are a groundbreaking trend for spring. Express your own individuality and style with delicate bouquets or the savage garden approach. Floral jewelry adds a feminine touch to jeans, dresses, and even business suits.

 Stunningly Unique Horse Necklaces
Horse Jewelry Necklaces

5- Handmade Jewelry in Animal Designs

Animal jewelry and animal prints are having a huge impact this year. Show your love for animals and nature with wide assortments of animal jewelry.

Eclectic Rainbow Feather Dangle Earrings
Feather Dangle Earrings

6- Feather and Leaf Design Jewelry

Feather jewelry is one of the popular handmade jewelry trends. It has been seen on the runways of Europe and will continue to be a fashion trend again and again. The feather shape draws emphasis to your face. Big or small, colorful or plain, makes no difference this year, as long as it is feathers.

Geometric Artisan Bracelets
Handmade Bracelets in Geometric Designs

7- Handmade Jewelry Created in Geometric Designs

Geometric designs have always been one of the popular handmade jewelry trends. With big and bold links were the rage on the runways as well as street styles. As the warmer weather approaches, we can expect to see more diversity as spring fashion styles make their entrance. One of the things to note is the lariat style necklaces that can easily be converted into wrapped styles, long necklaces, bigger and layered that will instantly update your necklace options!