Handmade Jewelry Guide to Retention Marketing

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Handmade Jewelry Retention Marketing Guide

Guide to handmade jewelry retention marketing; When we think about handmade jewelry marketing, normally we focus on lead generation tactics that attract new customers. But marketing is not only about bringing in new business; it is also about keeping existing customers through retention marketing. In truth, customer retention might be even more important than customer acquisition during times like a pandemic. How you can use retention marketing for handmade artisan jewelry to help increase sales while spending less on marketing seems to be one of the biggest questions these days.

 What is Retention Marketing?

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Bringing Back Your Established Customers

Retention marketing focuses on bringing back customers who have already done business with you and keeping customers who are already ordering your handmade jewelry. The goal of retention marketing is not about increasing the number of customers you have but rather about increasing customer return rates and bringing past customers back into the fold.

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Keeping Contact with Your Existing Customers

Successful retention marketing keeps existing customers in the buying cycle by getting them to purchase more frequently. Sending a previous customer a list of items they may like based on their last purchase is a great way of encouraging a new order with minimal effort on part of the customer. We have over 5,000 items on our website but many of our customers are in niches such as horse jewelry, Native jewelry, or wildlife jewelry. Depending on the customer they may order several related themes that you can add best selling designs in their range. They can quickly look through these and make a new order quickly and efficiently.

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Why Retention Marketing is a Great Strategy

For new and growing handmade jewelry businesses, it makes sense to focus most on customer acquisition. Once you have a solid customer base, you need to shift your strategy and put more attention on customer retention. You work hard to get new customers but then lose them by failing to re-engage with them. This loss of customers is a costly mistake, as retention marketing is proven to increase sales while costing much less than acquisition marketing.

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Capturing Your Customers’ Attention

Handmade jewelry guide to retention marketing; Handmade jewelry guide to retention marketing contains great tips to follow to increase your reorders. Selling to existing customers is easier than finding new customers. Acquisition marketing is all about attracting attention, educating audiences, and eventually converting people into buyers. At the end of the day, you have to find your perfect customer which takes a great deal of time, energy, research, and money. Retention marketing either brings the buyer back or nurtures them as active, engaged customers. You already know what they ordered so you can easily suggest your best-selling handmade jewelry to capture their interest again.

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Keeping Customers Interested

Keeping existing customers increases profits. Every time a customer buys handmade jewelry from you, the odds that they return increase. People who have already bought from you are more likely to return and spend more money when they do. It pays to keep customers around.

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Positive Effects of Happy Customers

Retention marketing for handmade jewelry is keeping customers happy and re-ordering. Happy existing customers help you acquire new customers. Building handmade jewelry customer loyalty is very important to creating a successful business. When you have happy customers, they turn into brand advocates. This helps lead other customers to your handmade jewelry business because customers often trust and take recommendations from friends. The positive effects of retention marketing show up in many ways: customer satisfaction, customer engagement, word-of-mouth referrals, repeat customers, and so much more.