How to Create Successful Handmade Jewelry Website

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Creating a Successful Website to Sell Your Handmade Jewelry

How to create a successful handmade jewelry website to sell well; Selling jewelry online helps you to reach prospective customers that you would normally not be able to. You created beautiful and unique handmade jewelry and you are trying to sell it now. You have many choices in marketing your creations. You can create your own website or use some of the platforms like Etsy, ArtFire, Handmade Amazon, Cratejoy, Zibbet, Folksy, Hyena Cart, and iCraft are some of them to mention. You might do selling well on these platforms but you might have to pay high commisions and fees.

You can create your own website. This takes lots of time. You have to consider many factors like the design of your website, quality of the pictures, and search engine optimization to make a successful website. There are many things to take into consideration when you are starting a handmade jewelry website. If your website is not creative and does not reflect your work properly it would not help your sales. One of the important essentials of what makes a good jewelry website is an amazing visual representation. The other important element is an exceptional user experience. You have to make your website attractive and functional for your customers. Also, important is to optimize your website for the search engines to show your items on the top of the search results pages.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Copper Eye of Ra Bracelet
Handmade bracelets created in ancient Egyptian Eye of Ra artwork

Here are some suggestions for creating a successful handmade jewelry website;

Amazing Visual Representation

Since your website visitors or potential customers are not able to physically touch the real world, it is important to use great pictures of your jewelry. Your jewelry photographs should be high resolution to show the quality of your craftsmanship and the fine details that your visitors will appreciate.

Copper Feather Bracelets in Green and Red Colors
Copper feather bracelet handmade in fine craftsmanship and detail

Product Description

Write a jewelry description that satisfies your website visitors emotionally and informatively. Let them know the benefits of buying each jewelry piece. It is crucial that online handmade jewelry websites combine both emotional and material benefits to transform a visitor into a buyer. This is how your effective jewelry description can increase your handmade jewelry sales.

Copper Colorful Tie Dye Bracelet
Tie-dye bracelet handcrafted in bright colors

How to create a successful handmade jewelry website to sell well; Your website visitors cannot check your jewelry in the real world. So it is essential to be as detailed as possible when writing jewelry product descriptions. What materials do you use to make your jewelry, what kind of ear wires, are they safe to wear, and do they change color? What does a buyer have to do to enjoy their jewelry longer, what maintenance is needed, and does your jewelry get scratched easily?  Let your website shopper know the size of each jewelry piece. They might be looking for larger or smaller earrings so they do not get disappointed when they receive their order. All these details will help buyers in their decision-making and they will be happy when they receive their jewelry instead of complaining and returning their purchase.

Western Horse Necklace
Cut out horse necklace in gold and copper

Writing a friendly, informative product description makes your website more trustable and will help your visitors become a buyer. Address them directly with a warm tone to establish trust.

Satisfying Your Customers Emotionally

Emotions are the driving force for most buying decisions. Creating strong emotions can help build trust between you and your customers. Being friendly and honest with your customer and knowing them well will definitely help. Positive emotions are vital to having loyal customers who are more likely to recommend your company. Satisfying emotional and material needs can be achieved through the following phrases: feel attractive, fashion style and will make your day, be a trendsetter, look radiant, precisely crafted just the way you wanted, stand out from the crowd, enjoy a sense of well-being, feel a sense of freedom, feel a sense of thrill, etc. Knowing the emotional sides of your customers and letting them know what they will have by buying your handmade jewelry will help increase your sales. Most people value a  unique social identity; being seen as special, acting independently, without obligations or restrictions, feeling excitement, and living up to their ideal self-image.

Copper Day of the Dead Bracelet
Day of the dead bracelet be a trendsetter and look radiant

Making it Easy to Navigate Your Website

If your website is too slow or people can not find easily what they are looking for, they will get frustrated and leave your website. It is important to make your website pages open as quickly as possible. PageSpeed Insights is a great tool to find out the problems and fix them to increase the speed. Make the navigation as easy as possible for your website visitors so they will enjoy browsing your product pages and easily find the design they would buy. Designing a convenient and fun website experience is very important. People should enjoy visiting your website to be able to spend more time discovering all your creations. The longer they stay on your website the more likely that they will purchase. The buying process should be easy and trustable as well. Do your best to communicate with them in a polite and friendly manner.

Colorful Copper Sasquatch Bracelets
Bigfoot bracelet handmade from copper with diamond cuts for a luxurious look

Optimizing Your Handmade Jewelry Website for Search Engines

Optimizing your website is very important so your handmade jewelry creations can be found. If SEO is not done correctly, your work can not be seen online. SEO is a never-ending job. You have to keep on working on it all the time. There are tons of information online to learn how to do the right optimizations. You can hire SEO people even though hiring never brought us success. I guess, we did not meet the right SEO professionals. You can get more tips about handmade jewelry SEO.

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