How to Optimize Handmade Jewelry Websites for Better Rankings

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Optimization Tips for Handmade Jewelry Websites

How to Optimize Handmade Jewelry Websites;

Handmade jewelry websites optimization, the spring is already gearing up online with gift shops looking for additions to their lineup and retailers showing their latest promotions. How are handmade jewelry websites going to compete with the big mass merchandise websites?

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How to Optimize Handmade Jewelry Websites; This is the time of year that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything was done that needs to be done, but it is also the time that makes or breaks most small businesses. According to Google handmade jewelry-related searches are at a peak for the new year. Now is when you need your handmade jewelry website to rank higher in the Search Engine Rankings but with so many sites how does your site get more visibility?

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How to Optimize your handmade jewelry website; If you are retailing your handmade jewelry online you need to boost your social media presence. As small businesses, you probably also participate in local art and craft shows so make sure to post a list of your show dates. Local news sites, the Chamber of Commerce, and business directories are good places to start to get links to your handmade jewelry website.

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If you have been actively collecting contact information for your customers now is the time to put the plan into action. Make sure your customers know where and when you will be exhibiting your handmade jewelry next. Every craft show you participate in is a chance to increase visits to your website so make sure to include all your information on your business card. Customers will be able to make last-minute purchases from your website so make sure to have posted all your handmade jewelry photos making sure to including matching sets of all your best-selling handcrafted earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

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To optimize a handmade jewelry website, your site needs to be easy to navigate with good use of your keywords. SEO plug-ins are perfect for WordPress sites that are easily set up telling you exactly where to put the correct information. Take the time to make sure that every post has unique keywords, titles, and meta tags.

It is important to make social media a routine, something that you do every day. Be consistent and you will see real results.

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