How to Run Home-Based Handmade Jewelry Business

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Tips for Running a Home-Based Handmade Jewelry Business

How to Run Home-Based Handmade Jewelry Business

Here is some relationship advice for the How to Run Home-Based Handmade Jewelry Business; the handmade jewelry business is very competitive but also very rewarding. To succeed you must be more creative to make the most unique handcrafted jewelry than anybody else. You must provide good customer service and keep in touch with your customers. Having a good relationship with customers will help you succeed in your wholesale jewelry, handmade jewelry business. Happy customers will be the best advertisements for your handcrafted jewelry.

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Working from home has many benefits. You will not have the extra expenses that are involved in renting a workspace. The space required can be anywhere, any size and there are few tools required so startup is relatively painless financially. Best of all you will be working in the comfort of your own home when it is more convenient for you.

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We know how to achieve success in the handmade jewelry and wholesale jewelry business and believe that you can achieve your goals as well. Success in a home-based business is a dream that many people share, but it’s not all fun and games. Home-based business, wholesale jewelry customers inquiries, sometimes demanding, if you also have small kids on top of it and just husband and wife trying to manage handmade jewelry business could be stressful at times.

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How to run a home-based handmade jewelry business; all too often lately I am hearing of relationships fail because of the stress of having a home-based business. When you are running a business together from home you are together 24/7 and there are bound to be times when you just get on each other’s nerves. Add the stress of the business and wait for the explosion, it’s a time bomb waiting to happen. I start to envy people who go out to work in the morning and come home in the evening to relax and enjoy the few hours they have together. Can you remember the last time you just relaxed?

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How to Run Home-Based Handmade Jewelry Business; The problem is there isn’t any break from the business, work, or each other. Every conversation seems to revolve around the business and usually all the things you didn’t get done instead of all the ones that did. Many people feel overwhelmed by the stress that a home-based business puts on a relationship. Many just give up and slam the door behind them. But if you’re not the type to give up quite so easily there are many little ways to improve your relationship while still running a successful handcrafted jewelry business. Give some (or all) of these ideas a try:

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How to run home-based handmade jewelry business;

1. Take time for yourself. An hour a day to be alone and think things through (without being told what to think!); take a walk, read a book, exercise (always the last on my list), whatever makes you feel relaxed. It will refresh your mind and soul giving you the energy to climb the next mountain.

2. Take time for both of you. Dinner, a movie, dancing; preferably somewhere loud so you can’t talk about business! Get to know each other again, make a weekly date!

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3. Make time for friends and family. There is nothing like seeing other people being mean to each other to make you realize how good you have it. Maybe this one is just me, but I have a big family who fights a lot! I always come away from a visit thinking I am the luckiest person in the whole world!

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4. Having a positive outlook makes the day go better.

5. Give credit when credit is due, not blame.

6. Never leave in the middle of a fight. Agree to disagree if all else fails.

7. Don’t dwell on the past and things you can’t change.

8. When you have a problem, find a solution.

9. Procrastination is our enemy, whatever the task just get it done.

10. Amazing how a hug and a kiss can make the day go better.

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After 35 years of running a home-based handmade jewelry business wholesale artisan handmade jewelry business together, our relationship is stronger than ever. We still argue and disagree often but we know we wouldn’t have it any other way. It took a while to realize that we couldn’t have done it without the other. Together we have had great success and the future looks even better. We wish you all great success in your home-based business — together.

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