How to Wholesale Handmade Jewelry

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How to Wholesale Handmade Jewelry

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay but we have been busy, busy, busy. The winter/spring shows have come and gone again. We have lots of orders to fill for the upcoming season. After 30 years in the same business, we find that the majority of our sales come from returning customers. But what if you are just starting your wholesale handmade jewelry business? How do you get and keep repeat customers? They are the key to your success, so you have to ask, “Why didn’t they buy from you?”

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Wholesale Handmade Jewelry

How to Wholesale Handmade Jewelry; You need to think like a buyer to know where to start. Retailers are always looking for the next big thing that will attract people to their gift stores. You are always trying to create that next big thing that they won’t be able to keep on their shelves. All you need is to get the buyer’s attention.

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Wholesale Handmade Native Earrings

Sometimes it is easy, other times not so easy. When exhibiting at wholesale gift shows location is everything, so planning is essential. You want to be close to all the big players but not overwhelmed by them. You want to stand out so make sure your display jumps out in the crowded field.

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How to Wholesale Handmade Jewelry; Most buyers come to wholesale shows with prepared orders for their main suppliers. Many times our best clients come with their purchase orders filled with last season’s best sellers and are looking for new items to add to their lists. Keeping this in mind make sure you have your new handcrafted artisan jewelry items prominently displayed.

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Boston Terrier Bracelet, Wholesale Dog Jewelry

Even the smallest minimum orders can become your best customers. Never underestimate the mom-and-pop shops; years ago we had a nice lady place a minimum order. After the show, she called and said that she had over-spent at the show and needed to cut her order in half. We almost didn’t send the order. A week later she re-ordered and continued to place small orders, then larger orders, and became one of our best customers.

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Once you have established your business as a reliable supplier, your customers will be repeating their orders. Until then keep smiling, always be polite and try to make the best mix of handmade jewelry wholesale for your clients’ stores. Show your new creations and get your feedback. Revise your handmade jewelry designs according to their opinions. This will make them happy and will give them the impression that they are involved in the production part of making the jewelry. It is important to be in good communication with your customers and listen to their advice. They know best what their customers want. To make the jewelry designs they want would be a great idea to make them happy and also increase the sales for both you and your customers.