Marketing Basics for Handmade Jewelry Business

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Handmade Jewelry Business Marketing Basics

Marketing Basics for Handmade Jewelry Business

Marketing basics for handmade jewelry business, over the years in the handmade jewelry business, we have learned many theories, techniques, and great ways to market our unique jewelry both retail and wholesale to gift stores. If you are just beginning you need to start with some basic marketing or Marketing 101. Remember high school marketing? It seems like forever (for me at least) but there are basic principles that always apply even in this ever-changing world; product, price, place, and promotion. Most entrepreneurs probably know these but sometimes forget to use this effective strategy to create a successful handmade jewelry business.

Wassily Kandinsky Colorful Circles Earrings
Circles earrings by Wassily Kandinsky

Research your competitors’ products focusing on similarities and differences to your handmade jewelry. Even though it is a crowded marketplace there is room for everyone if you create something original or target a different niche market.

Marketing basics for handmade jewelry business start by asking yourself questions like:

  • What will set my handmade jewelry apart? (This will give you an idea of what techniques, materials, and designs you need to create a distinctive style.)
  • What is your favorite handmade jewelry and why? (This question gives you an idea about who your competition is and what they are doing right.)
  • What are your best-selling items? (This will tell what your customers like and what direction you can take to expand your handmade jewelry line.)
  • How can your handmade jewelry be better? (This is great if you already have a preferred technique as you will increase the quality, make it easier or be able to add extra customer appeal.)
  • Why you do not like your competitors’ products? (This question tells you where there is an opportunity to attract your competitor’s customers.)
The Great Wave Inspired Art Jewelry Bracelet
The Great Wave inspired handmade bracelet

Marketing Basics for Handmade Jewelry Business; These answers will really help you identify how you can differentiate your handmade jewelry from the competition. Keep in mind that there is nothing that everyone loves equally. Choose a niche that has a good demand but lower competition. Expand your line slowly and revise constantly until you have a great seller.

Unique Earrings Designed by Gustav Klimt The Kiss Painting
Gustav Klimt The Kiss Earrings

Price has a lot to do with how you want to be perceived. You might think that by having a cheaper price you are cheapening your brand, but instead, it is actually a marketing ploy. Selling similar styles at a slightly cheaper price than your competition is important when you are just starting out.

Handmade Colorful Native Earrings
Native earrings, marketing handmade jewelry

Marketing basics for handmade jewelry business some questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What would be the lowest price you are willing to sell your product? How much time, material cost, and expertise go into each piece all need to be considered so that you make a profit.
  • What would be the highest price that consumers would be willing to pay? Look at similar products and the pricing structure.
  • How sensitive to price are your customers? This has a lot to do with your target market and their spending habits.
  • What prices do current leaders in your niche charge? Leaders can charge a higher price so you will want to consider a lower price.
  • How does your price compare to the competition? You may need to revise your materials and techniques to bring down the cost in order to compete with competitors.

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SW Native Dangle Earrings with Copper Jump Rings
Copper wire decorated SW Native American earrings

The unique nature of our handmade jewelry meant that we did not have the opportunity to learn from others, we had to learn how to create our jewelry by trial and error. With years of experience, we refined our handmade jewelry to be able to offer you the most original handmade jewelry pieces with the best quality possible. Catering to both retail jewelry customers and wholesale jewelry customers, our focus is on animal and wildlife-inspired jewelry styles. We are committed to providing our customers with not only outstanding wholesale handmade jewelry but also excellent service.

Dream catcher hummingbird earrings
Hummingbird earrings handmade in amazing dream catcher design