Native American Jewelry With Legends

Colorful Native American Copper Cuff Bracelets

Native Jewelry With Legends & Meaning

Native American Jewelry with Legends and meaning, American Indian jewelry with animal designs in Native American Indian cultures symbolizes different meanings. Grizzly bears are the symbol of strength, wilderness, and protector of the animal kingdom. The wolf is the voice of the wilderness to access the subconscious that has the secrets of knowledge and wisdom. The Eagle represents spiritual protection, carries prayers, and brings strength, courage, wisdom, illumination of spirit, healing, creation, and a knowledge of magic.

Southwest Native Bracelet

Turquoise and Red Southwest Native Bracelet

Native American bracelets are offered in a vast selection of designs including Kokopelli, Native turtle, end of the trail, four elements, starburst, Native star, Native bear, and more. Each Native jewelry design has a special meaning that has been passed from generation to generation through ancient stories.

Northwest Native Polar Bear Earrings
Native Polar Bear Earrings

Native American jewelry earrings designs are first hand-drawn and transferred to copper sheets. Designs are individually silver plated and diamond cut by hand to bring out the luster in the copper to give that special sparkle like diamonds. Most of our Southwest Native American Indian jewelry is cut out meticulously by hand using jewelers shears. Southwest Native Indian jewelry is available in a great selection with many designs and styles of  Native American earrings, Native American jewelry bracelets, Native Indian necklaces, pins, brooches, lockets, rings, and hair clips are available with Southwestern and Northwest Native jewelry themes.

Native Bear Dangle Feather Earrings
Southwest Native Bear Dangle Feather Earrings

Native American jewelry is recognized all over the world for its unique jewelry designs. Traditionally, Native American Indian jewelry involves handmade jewelry with hand stamped designs, beads, flowers, and leaves around the gem. Such jewelry is sometimes designed with symbols and geometric patterns and is a beautiful jewelry item for any woman. Each piece of Northwest Native American earrings is handcrafted in traditional Native Indian designs and motifs. There are several different varieties of handmade Native American jewelry available. The most impressive traditions of jewelry making in Native American jewelry belong to Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Pueblo artisans who handcrafted silver stones into distinctive designs.

Copper Reflections has a wide assortment of Native American jewelry available on handmade Native American bracelets, earrings, necklaces, lockets, rings, hair clips, brooches, and many other Native Indian handmade jewelry pieces. You will be pleased with our reasonable wholesale jewelry prices, our service, and the high quality of our unique handmade jewelry.

SW Native Indian Bracelets
SW Native American Bracelet

Native American jewelry has a very rich history. Native American people have been making and wearing jewelry since time began. Finding all sorts of ways to decorate their bodies, faces, clothing, etc… Sometimes to show status within their social setting, and sometimes just to attract a mate. What some people find attractive, others definitely do not. Different Native tribes used different unique jewelry designs according to where they lived.

Buy Native Haida Killer Whale Earrings
Handmade Copper Native Haida Killer Whale Earrings

Killer Whale The communicator and highly regarded guardian of the sea. The Native word for whale means Those who travel together.

Different animals, wildlife, and nature symbols gained different values of importance in their cultures. The differences in the symbols, patterns, and designs come from their own interpretations of the colors, animals, nature, and wildlife. The different surroundings and environments they lived in really dictated what was available to them to work in creating their Native American jewelry designs.

Eagle A symbol of power and prestige, Eagle represents friendship and peace to all.

Check Our Native Love Birds Earrings
Eagle and Raven Native Haida Earrings

Frog The voice of the people, symbolizes innocence, stability, and communication. Sometimes considered good luck.

Hummingbird The joyful messenger, when a hummingbird hovers near, you will receive a message of healing.

Buy Native Hummingbird Earrings Created in Colorful Haida Designs
NW Native Haida Hummingbird Earrings

Moon Protector and guardian of people of the earth, the moon spirit watches over us and can change the way we feel.

Buy Handmade Alaska Northwest Raven Earrings in Stunning Craftsmanship
NW Native American Raven Earrings

Raven The trickster, the Creator. He rescued the sun and placed it in the sky so the world would have light, he put the trees on the land and fish in the water. This magical creature opened the clamshell to release the man.

Salmon The life source, the provider of food for all animals and humans. The first salmon of the yearly run is held in high regard, spawning salmon are revered.

Sun The Sun Chief is the provider of healing energy and life, put into the sky by raven, the rays are means of our travel between earth and sky.

Thunderbird This mythological creature, the most powerful of all the spirits that live in the mountains, has lightning stick under his wings and hunts whales. He rolls the thunder when he blinks his eyes flash lightning.

Wolf This positive symbol is very family-oriented, they mate for life and share all responsibilities equally. Wolves travel together and are the land equivalent of the Whale.

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