Handmade Jewelry Online Marketing Tips

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Tips for Marketing Handmade Jewelry Online

Handmade Jewelry Online Marketing Tips; Marketing yourself and your handmade jewelry business is always better to use than general ones. Yes, there may be fewer people searching on those niche keywords, but you’ll have a better chance of reaching those people. A niche keyword is something narrower or more specific than a general term. “Jewelry” for instance, is a word that is part of every online handmade jewelry website.

Unique Howling Wolf Bracelets
Handmade Howling Wolf Bracelets

Handmade Jewelry Online Marketing Tips; the only ones making money on the internet seem to be people telling you how easy it is to make a million dollars online. There are so many scams that it becomes frustrating trying to do an honest business online. When all is said and done, it seems the only thing left to do is put ads on your site and make a little money to pay a few bills.

Feather Copper Earrings With Dangle Copper Jump Rings
Colorful copper feather earrings with copper wires

That really wasn’t the plan we had in mind. We have worked hard to get traffic to our site to sell our handmade jewelry website.  We don’t want people clicking off our page to some other jewelry supplier. We want visitors to our site to become our customers. We have a 90% re-order rate with our wholesale handmade jewelry.

Flower Copper Bracelets with Black Background
Handmade Bracelets in Flower Design

The handmade jewelry business is a very competitive business to be in. One needs to be a creative artisan and has to come up with new designs, ideas, and techniques to create handcrafted jewelry that people would like to buy. It is not a business to buy and sell. That product can be changed if it does not sell. A lot of thought and effort goes into creating unique jewelry bracelets and unique earrings.

Colorful Native Teardrop Earrings
Handmade Native American earrings

These unique jewelry pieces cannot be changed so quickly if it is not the right product. So it is better to do lots of thinking on creating jewelry and handmade gifts to make sure that they will unique, what people would like, and reasonably priced. Of course, the price of handmade jewelry and unique gifts is very important and it could be a deterrent factor even if the jewelry is unique. Please keep in mind the perceived value of your handmade crafts.

Eagle Jewelry Eagle Copper Earrings
Copper Feather Earrings

We initially went online so we didn’t have to print an 80-page catalog, the expense was killing us as we are constantly adding new products and handmade jewelry lines and revising items to make them sell faster. The website is so easy to keep up to date. We have saved a lot of money, quite a few trees, and made it easier for our customers to order. Our website has done its job.

Native Dangle Wire Earrings
Handmade SW Native American Decorated with Copper Wires

Our main source of targeted customers comes from Wholesale Jewelry Shows, but more and more we are getting inquiries from around the world because of our website. It takes a lot of time and SEO work to get the targeted traffic so don’t waste your efforts on the wrong keywords and phrases. Do your homework and you’ll get lasting results!

The effort you put into your website shows to your customers and the search engines as well. Approach it like a “real world” business and you will do well.

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