How to Create Great Selling Handmade Jewelry

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Best Ways of Creating Handmade Jewelry that Sells Well

How to Create Great Selling Handmade Jewelry

Probably you started making handcrafted jewelry just for fun as an outlet for your creative energy. At some point, you realized you could make some extra money from your hobby and began selling your handmade art bracelets and earrings. After that point, you also need to think like a business person and create designs that fit into a niche market in order to have a successful handmade jewelry business.

Copper Feather Bracelets
Cut Out Copper Feather Bracelets

How to Create Great Selling Handmade Jewelry; The most important factor in running a successful handcrafted jewelry business is innovation. Creating your own niche market within the niche is going to be your key to success. Everyone can put beads on an ear wire and say they make handmade earrings, but without your own creative touches, you will not be able to build a successful business.

Forget Me Not Copper Earrings
Forget Me Not Flower Earrings Decorated with Copper Wires

Understanding all the time and effort that goes into designing and crafting handmade jewelry will lead to appreciating the special quality and originality. It takes many years of experience and hard work to achieve the ability to create these amazing designs for jewelry. All these unique designs such as horses, hummingbirds, butterflies, eagles, wolves, and cats have meanings and can help you appreciate the beauty of animals, wildlife, and nature.

How to Create Great Selling Handmade Jewelry, Native Earrings Crafted by Hand Using Copper and Copper Wires
Wire Jewelry, Handmade Earrings

How to Create Great Selling Handmade Jewelry; Listen to your customer. Find out what they would like. Every area might be different when it comes to popular designs. The best way of creating handmade jewelry that sells well is to find out the popular designs for this area. Retail stores are filled with mass-produced jewelry so you have to make your jewelry unique, something that appeals to everybody and at a reasonable price.

Copper Wire Earrings Design in Colorful Feather Artwork by Lynn Bean
Moon Shape Copper Feather Earrings

How to create handcrafted jewelry; You need to create a demand for your designs with different techniques that you will become known for and that will set you apart from the competition. Creating your own niche within the handmade jewelry market is something special whether you incorporate historical motifs or brilliantly colored gemstones it is up to your creativity and individuality.

Hummingbird Choker Necklace Handmade with Dream Catcher Background Design
Hummingbird Choker Necklace Made from Copper in Colorful Hummingbird Design

Even if you just go to local craft shows you have probably noticed several other people trying to sell handmade jewelry. It is a very competitive marketplace whether it is craft shows or on the internet. You need that extra something that sets you apart from the rest. Once you find your special something you have to constantly be updating and showing your personality in each piece. Making matching sets of handmade earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces will increase sales dramatically. The nature of handmade jewelry designs tends to lead to higher quality materials being used and much better craftsmanship going into them, in turn, a piece of great selling jewelry created.

Fabulous Copper Feather Red and Green Dangle Earrings
Feather Earrings Made from Copper in Colorful Double Dangle Earrings

We have been making handcrafted jewelry for almost 30 years and still find that we are constantly thinking of new designs, techniques, and styles. Every business needs to evolve with the marketplace and fashion trends. Listen to your customers and get their ideas because it can lead you in new directions that you never thought of before. Do not think of it as a criticism of your work but an encouragement to try something different.

Stunning Hummingbird Copper Cuff Bracelets
Copper Hummingbird Cuff Bracelets

You do not have to have just one style; you can have many unique jewelry styles incorporating your creativity that could open new marketing opportunities. If you are hesitating consider it a custom order just to see if it works or not. Experimenting has never been a bad idea and you can get some surprising results or it can lead you in another direction entirely.