Sourcing Handmade Jewelry Suppliers

Whimsical Horse Bracelets

Wholesale Jewelry Shows for Sourcing Handmade Jewelry Suppliers

Wholesale Jewelry and Gift Shows are great for sourcing new handmade jewelry suppliers.  The summer shows are typically less crowded so handmade jewelry and gift buyers can take their time in a more relaxed atmosphere to find the perfect suppliers for their retail stores. Copper Reflections will be exhibiting at major wholesale gift shows throughout the United States and Canada this summer including the New York International Gift Fair, Denver Gift Show, Oasis in Phoenix Arizona, CGTA Toronto, and the Alberta Gift Show.

Alcohol Ink Art Flowers Cuff Bracelets
Alcohol ink flower artwork handmade cuff bracelet

Many handmade jewelry wholesalers choose the summer shows to preview their lines for the following year. This is a great opportunity for buyers to place trial orders on new lines of handmade jewelry from their established wholesale jewelry suppliers and new suppliers alike. New lines and designs can be featured and evaluated throughout the fall and Christmas seasons. Spring orders are then easier to place with confidence at the busy winter wholesale gift shows.

Pueblo Earrings
Handmade Pueblo earrings

Copper Reflections is looking forward to seeing all its established customers as well as meeting new handmade jewelry buyers from throughout the US and Canada. Please stop by and see us at the summer wholesale shows for a sneak preview of our newest styles and designs of handcrafted jewelry including earrings and handmade bracelets for the new season!