Tips to Get Higher Rankings for Handmade Jewelry Websites

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How to Increase Handmade Jewelry Website Ranking

Getting Higher Rankings for Handmade Jewelry Websites

Tips to get higher rankings for handmade jewelry websites; The average handmade jewelry website relies on Google organic searches to generate more than half of the targeted traffic the website receives. In order to use the search engines properly and take advantage of huge volumes of searches, your handcrafted jewelry website needs to work for higher rankings in the search engines, especially Google. Handmade jewelry marketing is a work of patience and hard work.

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Handmade Native American Earrings

One of the ways to get higher rankings for handmade jewelry websites is to add new quality content to your site has become the most important factor for Google and the other search engines as well. Your handcrafted jewelry marketing strategy needs to be better than all the other handmade jewelry sites in order to compete for higher rankings and huge quantities of targeted traffic that search engines provide.

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For handmade artisan jewelry marketing, constantly adding new content can be challenging. To compete for highly competitive keyword phrases becomes simply too costly or time-consuming for many handcrafted jewelry site owners. You should try to target more specific long-tail keywords that still receive a good quantity of traffic. You may not get an enormous amount of traffic but if the visitors to your handmade jewelry website are specifically looking for your products you have a better chance of making a sale.

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hummingbird earrings handmade in dream catcher artwork

Tips to Get Higher Rankings for Handmade Jewelry Websites; Buying content is an option, but you are the one who knows your customers best and what they want to see.  A great way to offer fresh quality content is to start a handmade jewelry blog on your site. You can also open blogs on free platforms creating direct links to your handcrafted jewelry website.

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Butterfly Earrings, Handmade Wire Jewelry

Handmade jewelry blogs are excellent sources of fresh related content and just what Google is looking for which means it is easy to see fast results for handmade jewelry marketing. Blogs are search engine friendly with a large selection of templates already built-in and ready to go. They make it easy to update content, even if you are adding only a quick note or photos of your latest handmade earrings and handmade bracelets so that they can be found quickly by search engines.

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Unique Native Hummingbird Bracelets

Tips to Get Higher Rankings for Handmade Jewelry Website; Becoming active in online communities for handmade jewelry and crafts on the many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon will not only alert the search engines to your new posts but will also get people in those communities visiting your website and sharing your work with their friends and family. Announcing fresh content to these communities, especially if they are large and active, will get your handcrafted jewelry content noticed by Google quickly and efficiently.

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Copper Feather Earrings

Any handmade jewelry website should create an XML sitemap of its site and submit it to Google and other major search engines. Make sure that when you create any new handcrafted jewelry content or pages, the newly added URLs are placed on your sitemap. This can be done manually for your handmade jewelry website.  Most blogging platforms have this feature built-in and the search engines are automatically informed of any updates.

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Handmade Colorful Flower Bracelets

How to get higher rankings for handmade jewelry websites?  You can promote your handmade jewelry online for free. Most importantly, keep adding quality content to your handmade jewelry blog and handcrafted jewelry website on a regular basis, it does not have to be daily or even weekly but once you get in the habit of adding it becomes easier. The more often you can add new content the better, but you should try to add something at least once a month. The handmade jewelry websites that give Google new quality content get the highest rankings and increase the targeted traffic their handcrafted jewelry website receives.

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