10 Ways to Make Handmade Jewelry from Copper

Hand painted adjustable copper bracelets. No polishing required

10 Ways of Making Jewelry Using Copper

10 ways to make handmade jewelry from copper; Copper can be a wonderful metal to work with to make unique handmade jewelry. It is very versatile, can be easily shaped, and is economical. Copper comes in a variety of forms conveniently available at craft shops and hardware stores alike.

1. Wire Wrapping Jewelry

Copper wire can be used for wire wrapping of stones and beads. It can also be woven or made into jump rings that can be used to make chain-maille designs. You can see some samples of wire handmade earrings we made using a combination of copper wires and copper with colorful artwork.

Stunning Butterfly Dangle Earrings
Copper Wire Earrings with Colorful Copper Butterfly Design

2. Using Copper Tubing and Washers

Copper tubing and washers from the hardware store come in a variety of sizes at economical prices to create a wide range of styles and designs. With just a little imagination you will be able to make a line of handmade earrings, bracelets, and rings.

3. Textures and Coloring Copper

Copper sheets are available in different sizes and varying thicknesses. These can be cut into shapes with cutting shears, tools, CNC machines, or jewelry saws. You can apply a huge variety of techniques to give textures and colors. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

Buy Copper Cuff Bracelets Textured by Diamond Cutting
Diamond cut textured copper bracelet

4. Embossing Copper Using forming tools or rolling mills

Embossed Copper Eagle Bracelets
Embossed American Eagle Bracelets Made from Copper

Embossing or repoussé creates a raised motif on the surface of the copper. This can be achieved with hand tools, forming tools, or rolling mills. There are so many techniques available; you can also use anticlastic forming and corrugation to make stunning handmade jewelry.

5. Chemical Etching Copper

Etching and photo-etching is a chemical process to create textures and cut out designs. These types of designs can also be achieved with the use of cutting tools and jeweler’s saws for one-of-a-kind designs.

Cut Out Bear Earrings with Gold Filled Border
Etched Bear Earrings with colorful background

6. Engraving Copper Sheets

Engraving can be utilized to create delicate and intricate designs. This can be achieved with hand tools to scratch into the copper. There are pantographs, instruments for copying a plan or drawing on a different scale by a system of hinged and jointed rods, which can be adjusted to engraving. CNC machines and engraving systems can also be used.

7. Stamping Jewelry Shapes from Copper Sheets

Check Out Copper Feather Earrings
Stamped copper feather earrings

Stamping is pressing the design into the copper. Copper is a soft metal that works very well for this technique. Stamping kits are readily available in various designs and a wide range of fonts.

8. Copper Enameling

Enameling on copper has been seen for centuries. Using fine wires to divide the colors of the design is referred to as cloisonné. This process requires a kiln to melt the glass particles onto the copper. Many artists employ epoxy paints to create a similar effect.

9. Flame Painting on Copper

Flame Painted Maple Leaf Earrings
Flame Painted Dangle Maple Leaves Earrings

Heat treatment creates wonderful colors on the surface of untreated copper. With the use of micro-torches, you can obtain an incredible range of colors and patterns.

10. Using Patinas to Color Copper

Chemical treatments can be used to create a wide assortment of colorful patinas and antique copper finishes. You can combine this process with polishing or scratching textures or other techniques to create your own unique jewelry.

Unique Bracelets Handmade in Green Patina
Patina Bracelets Handmade with Native Flair

These techniques are just a starting point for your imagination. Combining and creating different techniques is only limited by your imagination. You can try all these different ways to create your own jewelry, maybe just one or a combination of some of these techniques.